Le Mans Ultimate: June Update and 2024 Road Map Plans Revealed

Brand new content and features are coming to Le Mans Ultimate in line with its 2024 plans.

June the 10th marks the first stepping stone for the future of Le Mans Ultimate, as it will be the first in a series of big updates to the platform over the coming months, which will see much of the 2024 World Endurance Championship content enter the game, dubbed ‘The Second Stint’ by LMU.

Le Mans Ultimate, the official game for the FIA World Endurance Championship and 24 Hours of Le Mans has today (Tuesday 4th June) announced its plans for the forthcoming June update, including some of the most requested features by sim racing fans – as well as information on the 2024 season content, bringing exciting new cars and the latest circuits to the game. 

What The June Update Brings

The BMW M Hybrid V8

The BMW M Hybrid V8 was already revealed last week as the first bit of 2024 content coming to the platform, in line with the anniversary of BMW, which users will be able to have for free in the June update.

If you need the full rundown of that particular Hypercar we have you covered with our extensive guide which you can read right here.

A New Radar System

Le Mans Ultimates’ June update will bring in a much-needed radar system that sim racers have been shouting for. It will be used to help improve awareness in wheel-to-wheel racing – you will be able to see where opponents are when running wheel-to-wheel, helping situational awareness in the heat of the moment, both in online and offline modes of the game.  

In turn, this should mean fewer incidents out on track, thus helping the community of racers on their journey to improving their ranks and opening up more races they can enter each week using the online competition system.

The radar system works by fading in and out of focus based on your proximity to other cars and highlights with a yellow and red warning system based on how close cars are around you.

A New Start Procedure

Le Mans Ultimates’ June update will see a new system at the start of a race, improving communication with players during the crucial opening phase of any race event. This reduces the frequency of incorrect penalty assignments, including when unexpected events may occur such as disconnections or incidents during the formation lap.  

Players will be given a visual guide encouraging them to line up in the correct positions with an expected maximum speed to follow, with warnings being displayed in front of every driver to ensure no one driver gets an unfair advantage at the start.

A New Replay Suite

Did you win your first race? Did you make a textbook overtake? Looking back at your race will now be possible with in-game replays, enabling you to rewind your past online and offline adventures.

You will now have the ability to look back on every race you take part in via a new replay library that saves all of your events. This will be a massive update for those of you who love to take cinematic videos or think of yourself as someone who’s a talent behind the camera.

The replay suite will feature an all-new UI system for you so you can control cameras and camera angles much more easily than before.

Even More Updates

There are even more features that you might miss on this new update and there are definitely some things that you won’t even be able to see at surface level.

Driver Labels

Let’s start with the simple but effective use of a new driver label feature that you will be able to toggle on and off in replay mode and in live racing mode, giving you more information about the drivers around you.

New Net Code

Whilst not visible, a new version of the new code will be released which will provide a foundation for the Le Mans Ultimate online multiplayer technology – allowing future multi-driver events to be run with greater robustness. 

2024 Hypercar Liveries

Joining the BMW M Hybrid Hypercar will be an array of new liveries for all the 2024 Hypercars currently in the game – these will also be free to all players as part of the June update and will include the menacing black Toyota GR010, eye-catching yellow AF Corse Ferrari 499P and retro themed Porsche 963 from Proton Competition to name but a few.

Brand New 2024 Content Plan

Le Mans Ultimate revealed a brand new content plan for the rest of the year. The 2024 content will be split across four individual packs, including the July drop, and will also be offered as a 2024 Season Pass bundling all paid content at a discounted rate. In total, it will include a further four Hypercars, four new circuits and seven GT3 cars.

Brand New Co-op Mode

Looking further ahead a brand new co-op mode is being worked on as fast as possible. It was touted to come in the June update but things are not quite there yet, but it’s hopeful to come in the July DLC.

You’ll see in the video above via some screenshots shared there will be a new race control co-op event page and a new team creation page, where it will be possible to make teams where you’ll be able to race with your teammates in certain events, but Studio 397 want to bring more meaning and purpose to this mode still.

2024 WEC Hypercar Grid

It’s been revealed that LMU plans to complete the 2024 Hypercar grid before the end of the year. That means all Hypercars in this year’s World Endurance Championship will join all existing Hypercars in the game from the 2023 season and the BMW M Hybrid v8 at some point. That means the following Hypercars coming are;

  • 2024 Peaugot Hypercar with new wing
  • 2024 Lamborghini SC63 Hypercar
  • 2024 Alpine Hypercar
  • 2024 Isotta Fraschini Hypercar

2024 WEC GT3 Grid

It was also revealed that the all-new GT3 class that is in the World Endurance Championship is a priority for Le Mans Ultimate, with them hoping to release the entire class as one DLC at the end of the year. These effectively replace the current lineup of GTEs in the game which are no longer used in real-world racing.

LMU also revealed they plan to bring 2 of the 9 new GT3 cars to its user base entirely for FREE to ensure nobody misses out on trying the new 2024 GT3 content, but this means we will see the entire 2024 WEC grid added to the game, including entries from Aston Martin, BMW, Corvette, Ferrari, Ford, Lexus, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche.

2024 WEC Circuits

Finally, the Imola circuit has now been revealed as part of the content included in the July DLC pack. But Le Mans Ultimate let us know they plan on bringing even more circuits to the game in future DLCs.

As we know the 2024 WEC season visits Qatar, Imola, Spa, Le Mans, Sao Paulo, COTA, Fuji and Bahrain. This means we will see all 4 new circuits added in future DLC packs through this year and nobody is going to moan at new circuits that’s for sure.

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