Le Mans Ultimate: Beta Phase For Crew Chief Spotter

Crew Chief now in a beta phase to work with Le Mans Ultimate and this is how you do just that.

You can now get your Crew Chief to work in Le Mans Ultimate thanks to the new beta phase the spotter app is in for the sim racing title, but there are a few little steps you need to take to make it work smoothly.

This guide should set you on the right path after we spent the best part of 3 to 4 hours trying to install Crew Chief for Le Mans Ultimate ourselves, overcoming many obstacles along the way to successfully launching the app with the game.

As you know, Le Mans Ultimate doesn’t come with a native spotter or radar and so this is going to help you massively with transforming your race awareness, getting you on the road to improving your safety rank and ultimately progressing your Le Mans Ultimate career so you can enter more online competition races.

Installing The Beta Crew Chief App

The first thing you need to do is uninstall your current Crew Chief, this is paramount to make the new beta version work with Le Mans Ultimate because your current version of Crew Chief will not have LMU available in the menu.

We didn’t uninstall our original Crew Chief first time around and so we had the original Crew Chief and the Beta Crew Chief conflicting with each other resulting in an unsuccessful launch.

You can access the beta version of Crew Chief right here where you will see the downloadable file along with a beta test thread to keep you up to date with the development.

It’s important when installing the beta version of Crew Chief to house it where you keep Le Mans Ultimate and/or your Steam files. This is so Crew Chief can sync up together in the same drive as the game and steam. Usually this is in your C drive, D drive or F drive dependant on where you installed steam and Le Mans Ultimate using your SSDs or HDDs.

If you don’t do that, this is something else that can stop Crew Chief working successfully and you may find that when you hit the track for the first time expecting to hear Jim telling you “its clear left”, you are met with disappointment.

Launching Crew Chief For The First Time

Upon the very first time you hit start to launch the beta Crew Chief it will ask you to grant access for it to install Le Mans Utlimate plugins. You are encouraged to grant access to let it install automatically, otherwise you will have to go and do it manually, giving yourself extra installation steps that are not needed. 

If it has worked it will show you the plugin launch successfully on the Crew Chief data, this is shown via two separate plugins, followed by Crew Chief trying to initialise with the game. Again if successful it will say it’s initialised with Le Mans Ultimate shared memory, meaning it should be working and ready.

If You Have Problems With Crew Chief

If you are experiencing issues with the beta Crew Chief go back into the app and stop the application. You will now be able to access the properties of Crew Chief where you can filter and check Le Mans Ultimate has the correct install path and launch path to execute successfully.

What you are looking out for in particular is the file name in the ‘LMU launch exe’ box, upon first try when we had problems and checked this, it was empty and then we knew what the issue was, because Crew Chief was launching to an empty pathway. You need to make sure it’s linked to steam exactly as you see in the above image.

If it’s still not working after this, there are a few custom plugins and JSON files you can change to see if that helps, but as this is not our forte you can refer to the Crew Chief beta test thread where you can find lots of helpful information on installing the app with the help of these methods.

We must note we did not need to do these final steps to get Crew Chief to work with Le Mans Ultimate.

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