Le Mans Ultimate: How To Report A Player

Competing can be tough and on track standards are of high priority, but sometimes it goes wrong.

Le Mans Ultimate boasts an impressive multiplayer system with complex driver and safety rankings. Together, they ensure that drivers of similar skill levels are always pitched against each other in the interest of equal competition, give racers a clear progression path as they gain experience in Le Mans Ultimate, and reward racers, or conversely punish them, for their on-track standards.

But, if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in the rare scenario where you’ve been involved in an incident that wasn’t accidental, thus requiring further intervention than the in-game ranking systems, you might need to utilise Le Mans Ultimate’s report function. 

Here’s everything you need to know about reporting a player in Le Mans Ultimate.

When To Report A Player

It is vital to understand which scenarios you should report a player in before you proceed with seeking any action from Studio 397’s administrative team.

Just like with all forms of real-life motorsport, there is a constant risk that an incident might occur when you’re out on the track in Le Mans Ultimate, simply by virtue of competing with other drivers. That could involve making contact with another car whilst battling tooth and nail over a podium position, rolling into another player after spinning out or rejoining the circuit in an unsafe manner after a crash because you were just too eager to try and make up for lost time.

But do any of these incidents need to be reported in Le Mans Ultimate? No, they don’t. 

The safety ranking mechanism is there for a reason: it is designed to handle any accidental coming together between competitors and will penalise each driver that is involved automatically. Whilst that might sound harsh if you’re the innocent victim, trends will always emerge over time, dividing clean drivers and those who need to brush up on their on-track etiquette.

As a result, the in-game report system should be reserved purely for incidents where a player has deliberately taken action against you. This includes:

  • On-track skirmishes where someone has displayed unsportsmanlike conduct towards you, such as retaliatory driving or deliberately crashing into you
  • Display of abuse or harassment in text chat 

It is emphasised that you should not make a report against someone if their actions did not personally affect you.

How To Report A Player

Reporting a player in Le Mans Ultimate is a simple process that allows you to provide admins with all of the necessary details to make your report clear. 

Once you’ve finished your race, the first thing you need to do is head to the Race Results page, which you should be directed to automatically once you have reviewed your driver and safety ranking changes from the session. 

  • Remember, if you accidentally close your race results, you can always go back and view them again by heading to My Profile > Race History > View Results

From the Race Results page, find the player that you wish to report. Once you have located them, click on the three dots to the right of their name and click on the “Report” box, which will bring up the “Report Driver” menu.

Here, you can use drop-down boxes to select the primary category that your report falls under – either “Unsportsmanlike/Griefing” or “Harassment/Abuse” – and select which session your report is concerning.

Once complete, players are encouraged to provide as much detail as they can in the notes box at the bottom of the page, allowing you to explain why you are reporting the driver and specify, if necessary, that your report covers multiple sessions. 

Whilst records of text chat activity and replays are all automatically sent to Studio 397 admins, explanations of lap numbers and turns are immensely helpful in enabling the correct action to be taken in response to your report.

The Outcome Of A Report

After your report has been reviewed by the Studio 397 team, both parties involved will automatically receive an email to the address that you signed up to Race Control with to inform them of its outcome. 

Outcomes of reports can vary, reaching extremities of suspensions or bans, but penalties can also be directed back at the player who conducted the report if they are found to have been at fault – something to keep in mind before you submit anything. 

  • It is worth noting that persistent submission of false reports that clearly involve accidents or no incident of note will result in punishments.

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