Le Mans Ultimate: Guide To The LMP2 Class

Here is everything you need to know about the LMP2 class in Le Mans Ultimate.

Whilst Le Mans Ultimate’s roster of seven Hypercars stole headlines upon its release, equal quality can be found amongst the LMP2 field which forms a complete 2023 World Endurance Championship grid within the simulator. 

Last year marked the final time that LMP2 would race in the WEC, being phased out for the 2024 season. So you can almost think of it’s inclusion in Le Mans Ultimate as its final hurrah. 

If you find the cold tyres and complex energy recovery systems of Hypercars too much to handle, then the purer driving experiences offered by the Oreca-07 LMP2 might be the perfect fit for your needs. 

What Is The LMP2 Class?

The LMP2 class is the second tier of the WEC field in Le Mans Ultimate, sitting just behind Hypercar as a simple prototype-based platform. The class was introduced in its modern form in 2017, encompassing chassis from Dallara, Ligier, Oreca and Riley Tech/Multimatic, offering drivers a great way for drivers to learn the ropes of high-downforce sportscar racing with an approachable car.

Despite being extremely successful throughout its time in the WEC, in recent years, the LMP2 class has been slowly pushed to the side. 

First, it was pegged back significantly in 2021, seeing power decreases and weight increases to ensure it does not encroach on Hypercar, which is significantly slower than the LMP1 class that LMP2 was designed to complement. Then with the expansion of Hypercar and the introduction of LMGT3 to the WEC in 2024, LMP2 was dropped by the series entirely (although it will compete at Le Mans this season).

Upon reflection, it all looks very doom and gloom for the class in recent years but it boasted 11 cars from seven different teams in 2023 and continues to thrive in America courtesy of IMSA’s decision to retain the class through 2025.

In the world of Sim Racing, the LMP2 class is a familiar figure, prominent in iRacing since the release of the Dallara P217 chassis in September 2020. However, Le Mans Ultimate provides a unique offering as you can get behind the wheel of the up-to-date and ever popular Oreca-07 LMP2 that all 24 teams used in the 24 hours of Le Mans.

The LMP2 In Le Mans Ultimate

Oreca 07LMP24.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8

Whilst teams had the option to run four different LMP2 chassis in 2023, the Oreca 07 was the favoured choice, run by every full-time WEC entry and Le Mans-contending outfit. 

Powered by a 4.2-litre naturally-aspirated Gibson V8 engine, it produces just over 600 horsepower with a weight of 930 KG, placing it as both lighter and less powerful than Le Mans Ultiamte’s LMH and LMDh cars.

The Hypercar and LMGTE AM classes have both been praised for their realism in Le Mans Ultimate and the Oreca-07 LMP2 has been equally well-received. However, due to its handy traction control system and naturally aspirated powertrain that is void of a complex hybrid unit, it has become something of a fan favourite amongst those looking for a pure driving experience. 

It feels planted and easy to understand whilst not being too punishing at the limit – by being lighter than a Hypercar, it can survive at the limits of Le Mans Ultimate’s slip angle well. That said, being a downforce-focused car, it still needs to be carefully balanced at medium and high speeds.

Final Thoughts On The LMP2

As soon as you get on track, you will also find it remarkably easy to drive compared to a Hypercar. Its brakes perform similarly at their maximum but crucially they are not near-useless when they’re stone-cold straight out of the pits. Pushing on either soft or hard tyres in the same scenario is thankfully not a one-way ticket to the gravel trap, either, although you still need to nurse the car into its optimal operating window. 

Despite the changes that the class has undergone since Hypercar’s introduction, the golden formula of low weight and lots of downforce is still a winner. 

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